Manipulability Analysis for Gimbal Driven Robotics Arms


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Abstract: Gimbal transmissions are non-linear direct transmissions and can be used in robotic arms replacing the traditional revolute joints. To investigate manipulability of robotic manipulators, the classical criterion of Manipulability Ellipsoid has been formulated. Thus by keeping a constant norm for robot joint torques vector, the effects of replacing some traditional revolute joints in robotic arms with Gimbal transmissions, have been analyzed. The results show that the magnitude of the maximum force applicable when employing Gimbal transmission can be considerably larger. Also, the joint angles in which this maximum occurs, can be adjusted, thanks to the behavior of Gimbal transmission. Two simple robotic arms - a 3R manipulator and Stanford Arm - are selected to investigate the effects of Gimbal transmissions.

Keywords: robots, arm, manipulators, gyroscopes, actuators, ellipsoids, friction, shafts, couplings, torque control